Year 1

Applying Self Psychology and Intersubjective Systems Theories to the Therapeutic Process:  An Overview
Lynn Preston, MA, MS

Empathy:  Its Meanings and Clinical Applications

An Intersubjective Systems Perspective on Transference and Countertransference
Ellen Shumsky, LCSW

Dream Images and Sandplay:  Explore the Wonder of Nonverbal Communication
Liz Baring, MSc, LP, LCAT

Year 2

Challenging Therapy; Creative Approaches for Working with Conflicts, Impass, and Aversive Interaction
Michele Schwartz, LCSW

Speechless:  Interactive Influence Beyond Words
Arline Fireman, PhD

A Self Psychological/Relational View of Trauma
Shawn Lynn, LCSW

Applying What We've Learned
Lynn Preston, MA, MS, and faculty

The Core Curriculum consists of three 8 week courses and
one 4 week mini-courses each year of the 2 year program.

A minimum of 15 hours of individual supervision or
clinical tutorial is required each year.

Classes are held Tuesday evenings at the instructor's office